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Eirini Healing Solutions “Truth” Statements:

Find the Truth in [Naturopathic] Medicine, Never Stop Learning, and Bring the Most Optimal Treatment(s) to those Suffering at an Affordable Price.

Creating a [Naturopathic] Medical Paradigm Shift for True Healing, leading to a New Health Consciousness World Wide


Stop Nonsensical Suffering. “People” can be helped, no one is too damaged that they do not have a “Healing Potential”.


Never Be Limited, PERIOD! FEAR is POSITIVE, allow it to drive you forward


Enlighten and Bring Hope to those that are in need and Suffering


 Be Open Minded, Respect, Listen, and Learn from all those that you come in contact with. Each has a Story worth being heard and acknowledged.


Always be “AUTHENTIC”


Never forget the reason “WHY” you are here. Constantly thank GOD for giving you a Purpose Driven Life and the opportunity to be blessed enough to take part in another Human Beings Healing Journey.


“World Wide Healing” is Possible; We Are An INTERNATIONAL HEALING SOLUTION!


These “Truth” Statements have and will be continuously pursued by Dr. Nick Baboulas, ND and his current/future collaborative Health Care Team. If this is done, “Healing” at whatever current level you are at in your “Journey” may be possible with Eirini Healing Solutions.


Bringing Peace to Your Healing, 


Dr. Nick Baboulas BSc (Chemistry), N.D.

Naturopathic Doctor

Eirini Healing Solutions, Founder

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