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"If you are ready for a change, then we are ready to be part of your Health Care Team!"


We want to give patients the tools to succeed on their Healing Journey! 

If this sounds like something you resonant with, then it might be time to become a patient at EHS! 

Our primary patient population deal with complex chronic illness, where this is our true focus. However, we also deal with everyday problems such as acute cold / flu / infections; acute / chronic pain; pre / post-surgery support; allergies; natural Naturopathic Medical detox support; healthy aging support; and paediatric support. 

In the end, we are here to support any patients that are truly serious about wanting to optimize their current health state, no matter what level it might be at today! 



In order to best serve patients and not make it overly exhausting for new patients, as a lot of information needs to be extracted initially through history taking and testing, we have separated out the major parts of this assessment over 2 appointments. 

1st Initial appointment entails the following (approximately 1.5h): 

•    Comprehensive Naturopathic Medical History Intake with your ND, going through your health history and the filled-out intake forms.

•    Physical Examinations based on your Medical History 

•    Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Testing: getting a baseline result of how your Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) is working. 

•    The start of your Personalized Comprehensive Treatment Protocol with take home resources that will support you until the 2nd appointment with the Comprehensive Bioresonance Assessment / Treatment Tool, that will allow more objective information to be extracted. 

2nd Initial (Bioresonance) Assessment appointment entails the following (approximately 2-2.5h): 

•    Comprehensive Bioresonance Assessment with the Sensitiv Imago (SI) Technology:
This tool will allow us to look at the stresses on the body from an energetic perspective. It allows us to dig a little deeper to better understand what might be possibly creating the stresses on the different organ systems [from possible microbial stresses, to allergens, metals, energetic (i.e. EMF) burdens, etc] which will allow for a more strategic individualized protocol to be put together by your ND. 

•    Personalized Comprehensive Treatment Protocol will be given to you and explained, where it will be looking at the short-term plan versus the long-term outlook / plan. At this moment, your ND will also discuss the possible supportive in clinic therapies to start and other possible home therapies to initiate in order to continue the support and get the best outcomes for you! This individualized plan is always mindful of those very sensitive patients in order to start the support they need without overwhelming their system!   

Once you make an Initial Appointment, you will be sent the Initial Intake Package filled with helpful information, Intake Forms, Questionnaires, etc to start to fill out and sign. These forms will need to be completed and returned before your appointment date. If you have any questions during that process, feel free to contact us! 

Not Sure If Eirini Healing Solutions Is Right For You?

Maybe you have some questions you’d like to ask before you make a decision on becoming a patient. We are more than happy to answer any questions you have to see whether or not Eirini Healing Solutions is right for you.  You shouldn’t have to let another day go by wondering whether or not you’ll find answers for your illness. Schedule a call with Dr. Nick ND to learn how we can help:

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