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"If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."

– Nikola Tesla

Your body is the instrument ~ Raise your vibration through music!

The AmpCoil powered by the BetterGuide utilizes sound transmission technology to listen to the messages from your body through voice stress analysis. The BetterGuide App then uses its extensive mathematical algorithms to play back your chosen frequency tunes through a PEMF process and a modified tesla coil, similar to a high-powered tuning fork for your body. The AmpCoil is a supportive wellness tool.

All-In-One System

Multiple Technologies – AmpCoil includes five technologies, which have already been separately tested for their support, all rolled into one device. These technologies include PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field), bioresonance, amplifier (sound tech), frequency/tone generator and voice analysis biofeedback (tablet/BetterGuide), and modified Tesla coil. This combination allows frequencies to safely penetrate deep into the cell and reach the quantum level. 


PEMF and Intra-cellular Reach AmpCoil is not just a PEMF device. BetterGuide possibly delivers frequencies to penetrate deeply into the body on an intra-cellular level and possibly stimulate microcirculation throughout the body with physiological benefits. The AmpCoil possibly permeates the intracellular space of cells and organ systems, lymph, blood and meridian plus nerves simultaneously in a large radius field, even possibly penetrating hollow organs.



Customized/Personalized – AmpCoil created BetterGuide to cover the physiology of the body and allows you to create a customized Smart Cleanse Journey each time after it scans your voiceprint when using voice analysis. BetterGuide automates the search for stresses using the innate intelligence of the body to define the areas of weakness, noise, stress and imbalance. It prioritizes and educates you as to what frequencies your body might be asking for by listening to signals from the body, allowing this technology to be personalized for those who uses it.

Penetration of Hollow Organs  The AmpCoil possibly penetrates hollow organs. Adding a magnetic field allows hollow air to vibrate whereas frequency generators usually only work through liquid media. The possible benefit is the magnetic wave is able to get inside the lungs and the colon and the parts of the brain that are hollow. The technology is noninvasive and by being able to move the coil directly to the area of focus allows for personalized sessions.


Positive EMFs – Supportive grounding Earth frequencies, such as the Schumann Resonance, minerals, nutrition, left spin, chakra alignment, enzyme, color therapy and other positive healthful tones are used in BetterGuide. These are positive vibrations, known to magnetize and spin the body in proper electromagnetic and mechanical waves. The AmpCoil uses only sine wave tuning vibrations, and does NOT emit harmful frequencies above 10,000 Hz possibly like those from X-Rays, lasers, cell towers, Wi-Fi, microwave, etc. 


Modified Tesla Coil Configuration – The Coil delivery system converts an electrical signal into a magnetic wave signal. The modified Doug Coil model was adapted with newer provisions to avoid overheating and it stays cool hours after use. This fluctuation of power depending on the frequency required helps to heat then cool the coil and preserve the life of equipment, while saving electricity bills with lower power usage on higher bandwidth wavelengths.  The coil is designed to deliver a PEMF signal in a pure tone. The energy flows down through the center in a negative charge and up around the sides in a positive charge enabling a fountain-like toroidal vibrational pattern around the coil, producing a wide enough field and depth of penetration to envelope the body. Electronic devices should be kept at a distance greater than a 4 ft. radius (1.5 meters) from the coil.


It’s Time to Use Your Voice: BetterGuide’s Voice Analysis

BetterGuide’s biofeedback system is a possibly GPS-like tool, which translates your vocal patterns, and guides your decisions based on physiological information. It offers personalized outputs of information and is the basis for suggesting which frequencies are possibly beneficial to you.

The vocal cord could be possibly analyzed and interpreted that may reveal messages about the stresses of the body. Once this was understood, it provided the AmpCoil team with the foundation from which to create the BetterGuide’s database for voice analysis.

How BetterGuide works

Body stress information is decoded, and then specific frequencies are delivered through the modified Tesla coil to target areas of concern.

AmpCoil Signals
Waveform – Sine waveforms are generated and delivered through the high-powered coil, delivering a no-distortion, signal-to-noise ratio for a clean and effective signal. The wave is delivered initially as a frequency then converted through the modified Tesla coil speaker to a magnetic Gaussian field. As it pulses with various tones, the waveform varies every five seconds or so to avoid negative aversion or cell fatigue.
Carrier Wave: 10 Hz Magnetic Network – The magnetic waveform is carried on a 10 Hz magnetic network but fluctuates between one to 10,000 Hz, which may increase the flow of blood and microcirculation to deliver oxygen to the entire body and stimulate energy-rich ATP production (the master energy molecule of metabolism). This also may result in increasing the energy to the cells and assisting in brainwave balancing, cell gating, learning and mental focus.
Pulses (or Cycles) per second – BetterGuide is a pure tone generator and sequencer in the range of one to 10,000 Hz. The tones change every five seconds to avoid overload on any one frequency. Lower frequencies require more power from the amplifier. The fluctuation of the frequencies is key as it regulates the temperature of the coil, thus preserving its life and mimicking nature with fluctuating pulses not static ones. There are times that the coil has an actual feeling of movement but it’s the variance of the PEMFs that are being cycled through the coil by BetterGuide. You occasionally hear the pure tone pitch ringing from the coil.

Prevent Herxheimer Reactions

A body that is stressed never benefits from more stress, so AmpCoil designed BetterGuide to gently cleanse and balance, and through energy induction, may help dissipate the backlog of metabolic stress build up. Built into the app are supportive ‘primer’ frequencies, including grounding, drainage and organ sweeps. Flooding the body with supportive frequencies when neutralizing stressful microbes and metals, may cause a Herxheimer detox reaction or “herxing’ flu-like symptoms when organisms or toxins are neutralized. The customized Smart Cleanse includes programs that may boost nutrition, organ drainage and open detoxification channels while reducing stress on your body. AmpCoil may supports the healing and possibly reduce suffering time, but is more effective with repeated use like building an immune muscle over time.

Vibrations tell tales

Voice analysis measures the inflections and irregularities in the vibrations of your speech and these irregularities reflect unhealthy stresses and patterns that may be present in your organs and body systems. 

The voice analysis is based upon the same technology utilized in original lie detector tests, as an alternative to the galvanic skin response polygraph tests used by police and federal investigators. Voice analyzers may provide real-time feedback on body activity based upon advanced algorithms, which track the signals coming from the body. This is called biofeedback.

Secrets hidden within your voice

Brain cells have the remarkable ability to store a massive amount of information for the entire body. They do this by recording vibrations and signals coming from all parts of the body like organs, body systems and cells. To produce speech, the brain communicates with the Vagus Nerve and sends a signal to the larynx, which vibrates out stored information through the vocal cords. The Vagus Nerve is not only the manner through which this data is gathered from the body but also the way the brain communicates this hidden information outward using the voice.

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