Matrix RegenerationTherapy:

Over the last several decades, increasing pollution and destruction in our environment has led to a complete transformation of clinical symptoms for certain diseases, as new symptoms emerge and older symptoms disappear. The days of textbook disease progression are gone, and as a result, we must treat diseases in a new way. 

The matrix is the basic regulatory system of the organism and contains around 80% of the total cell mass. It is the energy supply and waste disposal system of organ cells, and, at the same time, home to the body’s immune system. Due to its fundamental importance with regard to health, it is the primary target point of every effective therapy, in case of any disease.

Matrix regeneration therapy (MRT) employs a modern and sophisticated medical instrument, which combines benefits of well-known therapies such as cupping, gua sha, chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, neural therapy, physiotherapy, Biophysical Information Therapy (BIT), biofeedback, pulsed magnetic field therapy and many others. This non-invasive procedure is safe and regularly used in advanced clinics in Europe to improve detoxification/lymphatic drainage (elimination of toxins), regeneration of cells, and general wellbeing.

MRT uses a completely new concept of treatment, in order to successfully treat environmental diseases with a variety of indications. With this form of treatment, strength of the patient can be restored, even in case of chronic disorders. Additionally, MRT prepares the patient for other forms of treatment (and can be used in conjunction with them), such as acupuncture, osteopathy, neural therapy, chiropractic, homeopathy etc., which in the end increases their effectiveness. 

Throughout the process of MRT, immune system reactions are stimulated, which are necessary for transposition of the matrix. The matrix is our most basic regulatory system, which unites the cells of all organs. Therefore, if it is not functioning properly, the organ cells are helpless. A successful therapy approach is based primarily on restoring the normal functioning of this basic regulatory system, by relieving the matrix of any inflammation, accumulated waste, and toxic substances. MRT opens up the organism in a beneficial manner and regulatory ability is dramatically improved while blockades towards healing are removed. 

MRT aims to detoxify the body and can be applied to many of today’s common chronic diseases. With over 7 million environmental chemical toxins such as heavy metals, herbicides and pesticides consistently around us, it is easy to see how the body becomes overwhelmed and uses its storage deposits (fatty or connective tissue) to temporarily hold toxins. The problem arises as these temporary holding areas become permanent. These substances stored in the body can cause a variety of disorders that range from a slight burden to total blockages and severe chronic disease.

Matrix Regeneration Therapy is an innovative and modern option for those that suffer from toxic “depot-clogging” ailments like rheumatism, gout, skin disorders, etc. The therapy is a combination treatment that aims to “unclog” these deposits effectively and safely.


MRT 503 – the 3rd Generation by Dr. Bodo Köhler MD

The 3rd generation MRT 503 stands out due to the following synergistically working components being applied simultaneously for optimal results:

  1. Pulse synchronous vacuum gives relief of the capillaries and improves microcirculation and lymph drainage 

  2. Rhythmical vacuuming massage to support the lymph flow and increase the order in the tissue

  3. Red light (630nm) penetrating the resonance field of the cytoplasm, core, and mitochondria, which increases the energy level

  4. Direct current (DC), dually modulated, which acts as an electron deliverer in the absorption spectrum of the membranes

  5. Pulsating magnetic field for the stimulation of the ionization energy, which is necessary for all transportation into the tissue

  6. Signal processing in the device with transformation of pathological into physiological (non pathological) oscillations

  7. Transmission of the 4 regulators of cell metabolism, which balances the system

  8. Transmitting of additional information of the white noise frequency band for the support of detoxification metabolism, especially for phase II detoxification pathways

  9. Biofeedback of disturbance fields, which helps the corresponding brain areas


The MRT indications cover a broad spectrum and the process strengthens the connective tissue, strengthens and firms the treated tissue, and indirectly subsides venous problems accompanied by congestive symptoms (varicose veins). The treatment also eliminates stress-induced pain. Matrix Regeneration Therapy can be applied successfully to many conditions, some examples are below:

 Chronic diseases   /   Chronic inflammation   /   Bronchial asthma   /   Allergies   /   Skin diseases /   Lymphostasis   /   Chronic heavy metal intoxication   /      Immune support   /   Viral   contamination /    Chronic skin problems   /   Depression   /   Rheumatic diseases   /   joint   inflammation  /   Degenerative diseases (spinal column and joints)

During the standard MRT treatment, the patient lies relaxed, on their stomach and a pulse sensor it attached to their finger. The specialized hand applicator device (which transmits all aspects of the therapeutic components stated above) is run across the back in a figure eight or segmentally.  The suction may cause some minor pain for those with sensitivities, but strength can be adjusted or turned off it needed. You may experience some redness on the back from the suction, which is normal and wanted.

Furthermore, with continual treatment, one can note a very rapid decrease of the reddened skin streaks, which might, at the outset of treatments, have been more pronounced (petechiae) and been visible for days after treatment; this is a sign of advancing tissue regeneration. In all, the treatment takes approximately 20-30 minutes, and most patients find it to be relaxing.

When treating chronically ill patients, it often happens that (sometimes very) long ago complaints remerge. This “layers of the onion” effect, this turning back of the biological clock, and the organism’s renewed confrontation with chronic stresses is a sure sign of natural healing. This effect can be observed with the most diverse clinical pictures depending mainly on the individual constitution. The therapy is usually performed on the back, but can be used on the abdomen, joints, thighs, etc. The treatments are usually spaced 1-2 per week over 6-12 weeks. 

***Please drink a lot of fluids after treatment, in order to facilitate excretion of the dissolved waste substances***