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Our Approach is simple, find a way that is individualized to you to support you to possible regain your health! In order to do that we rely on the foundational principles of Integrative Biological Naturopathic Medicine (see What is IBNM?). It is a root cause focused system, where pathology is seen from Dr. Reckeweg’s Disease Evolution Table perspective (see What is IBNM and Key Definitions), which helps us understand the amount of intervention that might be needed in order to support a patient, based on where they lay in that table. It’s about looking at the insults / stresses on the body and finding where those interferences to healing are and then removing them. The body is complex; the systems in the body are vulnerable to external and internal factors (environmental/heavy metal toxicity; microbes; genetics; etc). 

We use different types of investigational practices from basic blood work and physical exams; to private laboratory testing; to bioresonance assessments / energetic testing modalities. At the same time, we offer solutions to these results with many different types of in clinic therapies (see Services) and comprehensive individualized therapeutic plans, prepared by your HealthCare Team of Naturopathic Doctors and/or Practitioners.  

The key is to find the right balance of supporting patients in clinic with therapies or other interventions; while at the same time having them follow their daily individualized plans, which not only entail taking specific nutrients and natural medicines but may also include home therapies when able! This combo of in clinic therapies with the practical home individualized plans can possibly accelerate the ability of a patient to reach their healing potential.  

In the end, we want patients to feel comfortable and understand that we are a team and we are here to get through this together! 

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