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Light Beam Generator:
Lymphatic Drainage Device

What is the Lymphatic System? 

The ‘SEWAGE SYSTEM’ of the body – that is the way to think about the lymph system – as it is interconnected with other systems in the body like the immune, cardiovascular, etc and helps to filter waste out. The lymphatic system consists of ‘LYMPH’ which is a clear fluid that is generated from excess fluid that drains out of cells and tissues, this can include, protein, minerals, fats, nutrients, waste products, microbes, damaged and degenerative cells, etc. It might be one of the most underrated systems when looking at chronic health issues. 

Lymph and Lymph Nodes:
Lymph is a clear fluid that washes across your cells. Lymph fluid contains T-cells, which both direct your immune response, and also attack infections and cancer cells. Lymph travels through lymphatic vessels and blood vessels. Bean-shaped lymph nodes are clustered around your underarms, groin, and neck. Lymph nodes are where T-cells and other white blood cells concentrate, and where foreign cells like microbes, dead cells, and cancer cells are removed from the blood stream and destroyed.


The lymph fluid flows through ‘LYMPH NODES’ which are bean shaped glands found throughout the network of the lymph system in the body. The major areas where lymph nodes are found are again around the neck, armpit and groin and they focus on filtering out microbes. However, there are other lymph nodes in the body that also filter the blood; there are close to 600 lymph nodes throughout the body! The lymph nodes work as surveillance and produce / concentrate immune / white blood cells to be able to destroy foreign cells [i.e. dead cell / debris, cancer cells, microbes, etc] by removing them from the blood stream. 


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When we are comparing vessels in the body, the blood vessels carry fluid to the tissues, while lymph vessels do the opposite, they carry fluid away from the tissues, as the goal is getting that ‘waste’ out of the body. The lymph vessels are interconnected through the lymph capillary system where the two major EXIT POINTS of the lymph system which allow it to drain the waste collected into the venous system are the following: 

Thoracic Duct: drains the lower extremities, pelvis, abdomen, left side of the thorax, left upper extremity, and left side of the head and neck.

Right Lymphatic Duct: drains the right thorax, upper limb, head and neck.

Lymphoid Tissues / Organs: 

  1. Bone Marrow: produce wbc, rbc, and platelets 

  2. Thymus: produce wbc to fight foreign invaders 


  1. Lymph Nodes: as stated above

  2. Spleen: helps fight infection by filtering / storing blood and producing wbc 

  3. Tonsils / Adenoids: first line of defense against the outside world by capturing pathogens in the air and in food ingested

  4. Appendix: kills bacteria in the intestines before creating problems 

  5. Peyer’s patches: they monitor for and kill bacteria in the intestines as they line the small intestines. 

What Are Some of the Main Functions of the Lymphatic System?

  1. Filtering Toxins: toxins and immune debris are filtered through lymph nodes

  2. Infection Fighting: the lymph and the immune system go hand and hand meaning that lymph produces and releases immune and wbc to fight infections.

  3. Transports Waste: it filters out and removes waste products from the body through the lymph system.

  4. Drainage from Tissues: the lymphatic system picks up and drains out the extra [fluid] lymph that leaks out of the tissues so that fluid does not end up pooling and creating swelling / edema in different parts of the body that can lead to lymphedema!   

  5. Absorbing: the lymph system absorbs fats, vitamins, proteins, from your digestive tract in order to transport them back to your blood stream so they can get utilized or taken out as waste. 

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Light Beam Generator [LBG]: Lymph Detoxification


A toxic world leads to development of DIS-organized proteins clumping and bonding electrically together, creating an unbalanced and overburdened ‘sludge’ in the body. This can possible lead to chronic issues / pain and inflammation in the body.


The goal of the LBG system is to possibly support the maintenance of the lymph system by helping our body reduce the ION concentration which can help to restore the natural polarity of the cell. The LBG unit uses COLD GAS, COHERENT, PHOTONIC ENERGY powered by direct current with FM modulation which can possibly assist other therapies.


The LBG can help to decongest the lymph which in turn can be supportive to help the body restore proper physiological functioning. This non-invasive technology can help affect a swift, safe and natural method of eliminating excess lymphatic fluid. The LBG assists the body to achieve a free-flow of proteins within the lymph system and to release bonded protein blockages in the areas of connective tissue.


The LBG possibly helps to support the body by:

  • Aiding in restoring the Lymphatic drainage

  • Aiding in the movement of waste material from the intra-cellular environment which allows for waste material to move from cells to organs and finally get eliminated out of circulation.

  • A clear and fluid / smooth moving lymph system can possibly help improve removal of excess fluid which can contain unnatural food additives, xenohormones, environmental toxins, etc which can possible attract proteins [meaning increased fluid build up].

  • Delivers frequencies that can possibly assist to alter energetic patterns of microbes [virus, fungus, and bacteria].

  • Possibly restore stagnant lymph pathways by getting cells into a ‘dry state’ which can possibly support against disease development.

  • Possibly supports the regulation of the BIOFIELD [i.e. providing more coherency to the field which can possible add to a more relaxed state].

  • INFRARED LIGHT MODE: Each of the probes placed on the body have LED NIR incorporated at a wavelength of 830 nm. They contain 4 high speed infrared emitters and 4 visible red LEDs and this can help with inflammation and mitochondrial health.


When the lymphatic fluid backs up because of a blockage, pressure builds in the lymph capillary of the cell bed resulting in the whole system becoming toxic due to lack of waste disposal. This prevents the cells from getting the proper nutrition, which puts the cells in a low metabolic state and are not able to do their job efficiently. This can then possibly lead to degenerative conditions / states and we can possibly clinically see a lack of response to treatments. That is why the goal is to detox the lymph system to be able to re-establish free lymphatic circulation throughout the body.


The LBG uses cold gas ionization which allows for lymphatic congestion / blockages to be charged with incoherent light which supports the break-up of the congestion, leading to unobstructed lymph flow in that system.


What are treatment indications (Tissue Detoxification) for LBG?

  • Acne (when beginning, a slight worsening may occur)

  • Tissue congestion from injuries

  • Chronic injuries

  • Eczema

  • Burns

  • Enhancement of general resistance

  • Scars

  • Old and new keloids

  • Cellulite

  • Swollen, heavy, and fatigued legs

  • Mastodynia (breast tension in women after ovulation)

  • Prostate enlargement

  • Pre-surgical preparations

  • Post-surgical treatments

  • Headaches

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Autoimmune conditions

  • Chronic condition

  • New and old injuries

  • Pain and etc.



Are there are Cautions, Adverse Reactions to LBG / Lymph Treatment?

LBG is a non-invasive and painless treatment; however, you can feel sensations at the areas where the probes/paddles are placed [or distal areas] and possibly warmth when the Red Light is switched on during treatment. After treatment effects may include (very rare and mild): Fatigue/exhaustion, nausea, drowsiness, relaxed state, and rarely an increase in pain; these effects can last anywhere from 4-24 hours if they do occur. The most important thing to do before and after LBG treatments is to keep hydrated!  [That means having 4-8 cups of water 2-4h before a treatment and after], as this will decrease any possible undesirable effects and optimize treatment outcomes. Think of it similar to the effects of massage, where there is a detoxification effect occurring due to the increase in cellular metabolism and the congestion in the lymphatic system (which is like the sewage system of the body); hydration is important to help get rid of this overflow of waste after treatment.


Patients who should not receive LBG treatment include those who have pacemakers, implanted pumps, or uncontrolled seizures, and women who are pregnant. If there are any concerns that you may have about the treatment please discuss it with your ND prior, so that appropriate individualized recommendations can be made.


The therapy is usually performed by placing probes/paddles on different parts of the body [especially major lymph nodes] as necessary to support the lymphatic system.


When supporting chronically ill patients, the treatments are usually spaced 1-3 per week over 6-12 weeks or individualized based on your condition and sensitivity level.


***Please drink a lot of water /fluids before and after treatment, in order to facilitate the possible excretion of the dissolved waste substances***

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