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What is the meaning behind EIRINI???

It may come as a shock to many, however, if you didn’t know already, Dr. Nick ND is GREEK!!! 


Naturally, Dr. Nick ND gets a lot of his inspiration from his Greek roots, so of course the origin of the word EIRINI [Pronounced  ‘ee-REE-nee’] is Greek (Ειρηνη). The direct translation of this word would be, “PEACE” but also encompasses tranquillity and harmony; therefore, it has a much deeper meaning than it seems a first glance.


Let’s Break Down the EHS Logo:

dove picture.jpg

White Dove

& Olive Branch 

The white dove and the olive branch to most are seen as universal symbols of PEACE! At the same time the white dove can portray kindness, forgiveness, love, faithfulness, prosperity, and new beginnings!  We want patients to the have the feeling that coming to EHS is the peaceful fresh start they were looking for on their healing journey!


Olive Wreath

This was the prize for the winner at the ancient Olympic Games; therefore, this symbolizes the accomplishment awaiting those victorious in reaching their optimal health!




On the one hand the cross symbolizes suffering, sacrifice, torment, etc [i.e. those living with chronic illness]; while on the other hand, it stands as a symbol of peace, hope, joy, trust, redemption, and rejuvenation. This is why the cross is the ideal symbol for the medical profession, in its vocation to keep us physically alive and promote our physical, mental, spiritual health and wellbeing!


If we can ‘bring peace to your healing’ then we can allow for hope, trust, and joy to be restored.

We are trying to practice Naturopathic Medicine from an Integrative Biological Medicine perspective, with the principle of bringing an inner peace to the physiological terrain of the individual in order to recreate that internal harmony and synchronicity of all organ systems that will lead the patient to their next level of health!...and of course do it in a peaceful environment!

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