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Spiro-Vital Therapy

Oxygen is required for energy production in more than 60 billion cells in the body at every moment of our life. Athletes in particular have found that after intensive training they go into a phase of overtraining (oxidative stress) and can easily pick up infections. The reason: Competitive sport weakens the immune system leading to increased susceptibility to infections. The emotional stress experienced by athletes, for example before a competition, also affects the immune system. The optimum utilization of the oxygen in the air is therefore of prime importance for maintaining health and increasing performance in all sporting activities, whether these be competitive or recreational. In competitive sport the Airnergy Spirovital method has a particularly beneficial effect upon the ability to concentrate. This is especially true in motor sport. And in endurance sports such as marathon running and triathlons Airnergy can help to increase endurance and enhance and accelerate recovery.



Without water or food human beings can survive for days or even weeks, but without air just a few minutes. In 24 hours every person breathes some 400 litres of oxygen at rest and during physical exercise, considerably more. Humans thus make relatively poor use of respiratory air. Of the 21 % of oxygen contained in respiratory air, the human body can only use around 25% of this. 75% is exhaled again unused – one reason why mouth-to-mouth resuscitation is possible. And above all: The weaker or older you are, the less oxygen the body utilizes optimally.


Respiratory air stimulates blood circulation and the lymph nodes. It harmonizes glandular function and strengthens the chest and stomach muscles. It supports skin elimination and speeds up the healing process. It increases intelligence and concentration. It aids the memory; the thought processes and harmonizes the psyche. Making the best possible use of the oxygen in respiratory air has a beneficial holistic effect, such as: - Reducing free radicals - Increasing antioxidant capacity - Reducing symptoms of stress - Promoting wellbeing and ability to sleep - Promotes stamina and regeneration - Achieving balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems - Improving cell communication and growth.



The Airnergy device constantly converts oxygen from the air into its high-energy stage (singlet oxygen) – the physiologically active, reactive form of oxygen that the body recognizes. This is done using a method that technically simulates the natural processes of photosynthesis in green leaves. Whilst still in the Airnergy device the short-lived, reactive singlet oxygen decays within a fraction of a millisecond and reverts to its basic state, thereby releasing energy that the body knows and loves. The water molecules in the air take up this energy, which can then be inhaled with the normal air via a comfortable nasal cannula. The ”Airnergy energy“ brings about a measurable improvement in oxygen utilization in the organism and has a beneficial effect upon many of the body's functions. Without supplying extra oxygen and without any foreign substances.


Poor concentration, exhaustion, difficulty falling asleep and sleeping through, chronic fatigue, burnout,  sleep apnea, jetlag, circulatory problems, high blood-pressure, 
cardiovascular diseases, high cholesterol, tinnitus, bronchitis, chronic sinusitis, diabetes mellitus, multiple chemical syndrome (MCS), chronic fibromyalgia, rheumatic diseases, acute and chronic pain, liver problems, 
hormonal imbalance, skin diseases, allergies, visual disturbances, 
age-related diseases (Parkinson‘s, Alzheimer‘s) etc.

The optimum utilization of oxygen from the air is generally beneficial due to:


• better oxygen utilization

• increased energy production (ATP) in the cells

• reduced lactate production (lactic acid)

• much faster recovery

• reduced exposure to free (oxygen) radicals       

• stimulation of self-healing processes

• improved concentration

• up to 10 % lower resting pulse rate


Inhaling energized air – alternative method of Bioregulating ground substance?

The supply to and removal of materials from the ground substance (of the extracellular matrix) can apparently be improved by purifying and harmonizing it and, above all, by activating regulating mechanisms. In the case of chronic disease and dysfunction, end products of metabolism are increasingly deposited in the stroma (extracellular matrix). Many naturopathic methods, and therapy by inhaling energized air in particular, aim to release and remove these via improved venous and lymphatic flow. 
This involves briefly raising oxygen in the ambient air from the ground state to a higher energy level (singlet state) through the action of light of specific wavelengths in the presence of a selected special photosensitizer.

This higher oxygen energy level lasts “only” for fractions of a second until the energy released when it reverts to ground state is delivered to the surrounding water which is inhaled together with “normal” atmospheric oxygen in the ambient air. 
The further stages of energized air inhalation have not yet been fully researched. Appropriate studies at universities and higher education institutions are currently ongoing. Based on numerous individual accounts (by those affected), case studies (by therapists) and initial preliminary results from clinical trials, it appears, however, that crucial processes are taking place especially in the mitochondria (the cells’ aerobic power plants) and in the stroma (extracellular matrix). These relate to five areas in particular (increase in blood circulation, greater O2 utilization, improvement in the immune system, activation of protein synthesis and stabilization of the oxidative balance). There is also evidence of two far-reaching metabolic processes as detailed elsewhere (inactivation of NADPH oxidase, increase in 2,3- diphosphoglycerate).

Past experience and findings so far all reveal that energised air inhalation is a complex method of therapy which, by harmonizing basic regulation in the extracellular matrix, can possible lead to improved oxygen supply and greater O2 utilization in the mitochondria, thereby activating the cells’ own energy production (ATP) and also helps regulate cell metabolism throughout the whole body. Used preventively and supportively as a holistic and universally applicable method, energized air inhalation may activate and support essential bioregulatory processes.

Energized Air Inhalation therapy accompanies and supports clinical treatment methods and conventional medical interventions especially in therapy and rehabilitation.


The Effects Are Measurable:

Often Airnergy users can subjectively feel the beneficial effects even after a short time. But the effects are also showcased objectively by a whole series of study results.


The effect: the less oxygen that is exhaled, the more is used in the body.

In a trial, healthy volunteers breathed respiratory air that had been processed using Airnergy technology, for 20 minutes. The researchers were able to identify clear significant improvements:

• significant reduction in the amount of oxygen in the exhaled air

• significant improvement in the exhalation capacity of the volunteers (Peak-Flow)

• significant reduction in breathing and pulse rate

These was indications of improved oxygen utilization. However, these same volunteers did not benefit from a treatment with concentrated oxygen carried out under the same conditions. In several other studies the researchers looked at the use of Airnergy for sleep apnoea. This showed that around 82 % of patients experience a significant improvement in their general state of health and in their particular condition.


The effect upon the autonomic nervous system.

In order to demonstrate the effect of Airnergy upon the autonomic nervous system, another study group worked with the parameter of heart rate variability (HRV). Cardiac activity is directly linked to the autonomic nervous system. By measuring the variability of the intervals between heart - beats (HRV), one obtains values to indicate the regulating capacity of the autonomic nervous system. The researchers’ opinion: ”Airnergy results in an objectively measurable improvement in the energy balance in the organism.“  “This is because the supply of energy to the cells is directly optimized by the rapid formation of free energy valences so that cellular activity (regeneration or renewal) is also directly stimulated.“


Eirini Healing Solutions Has AIRNERGY (Spiro-vital) Inhalation Therapy Available for Patients!

Talk to Your ND if this Therapy might be Right for You!

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