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Vision of EHS

“We do our best to create the ability for patients to reach their optimal state of health by breaking down barriers / limitations and surrounding them with therapies / tools / treatments to help them succeed. We do this as a continuously curious / creative Integrative Biological Naturopathic Medicine focused Clinic!”

When I started on this journey towards Holistic Naturopathic Medicine, I did not truly know what I was getting into, but I knew I wanted to make a major impact, based on my personal family experience. I was blessed to walk alongside my sister on her epic healing journey and was able to visit many different types of clinics and introduced to different therapies, while seeing things from the patient’s perspective. This catapulted my learning exponentially which then allowed me to continue my journey as an ND and seek out physicians, healthcare practitioners, and therapies that were to be game changers in supporting my sister’s health and helping patients get their health back. I was able to visit many clinics along this journey and intern or learn directly from some great Medical Doctors which allowed me to understand how I would want to build out a clinic in the future that will truly be able to impact patients’ lives, because I started to understand what it would truly take for them to get their health back.


At EHS we are not bound by labels and we do not want patients to feel the stigma of being labeled with a disease and thinking of it as a criminal sentence.  We want patients to feel empowered and be themselves and not the disease. We feel this state is only temporary and our goal is to find a way to unleash your healing potential in order for you to reach your optimal health, at all levels!


Health is an investment and we want patients to feel that when they pass through those doors that they feel this internal sense of peace that reassures them that this place and these people are here to help me. We believe in a team/community approach to health and healing; therefore, we want to do our best to foster that type of environment. We want you to join that team and allow us to become a partner in your health, so we can support you on this journey and applaud your healing!



Bringing Peace to you Healing,


Dr. Nick baboulas nd! 

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