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Sensitiv Imago Bioresonance


Sensitiv IMAGO is a bioresonance assessment and supportive wellness device that enables us to perform an analysis of the human organism [from an energetic perspective] without being invasive. 


Research carried out by laboratories in USA, Germany, Russia, Japan have shown that cells, tissues and organs are the structures that possess very exact bioelectrical characteristics. It was proven through numerous tests that these bioelectrical characteristics could drastically change in the presence of possible pathological processes. Each pathological process, causative agent, and each deviation of homeostasis has its own electromagnetic spectrum. Depending on the specific organ, the Sensitiv IMAGO aligns itself with the frequency of electromagnetic impulses of that organ. The device reads the impulses from an examined person and then the software processes the data and identifies possibly stressful energetic processes going on in patient’s body.


The database of Sensitiv IMAGO contains models of many possible pathological processes, where it automatically compares the electromagnetic spectrum of the patient’s organism with benchmarks in its database, this is the phenomenon of bio-resonance. This process is very similar to reading bar codes in the supermarket. “Bar code” is similar to an electromagnetic scale of any process in the organism.


At the final stage, Sensitiv IMAGO automatically selects the methods of support and is able to test supportive supplements against the patient’s stresses seen.


To summarize, the Sensitiv IMAGO Device enables us to get information about patient’s health [energetic stresses] in order to support them going forward. 

What are Bioresonance and NLS?


Bioresonance therapy and Assessment is based on the scientific fact that each living organism and tissue exists in a specific frequency spectrum (think about a tuning fork!). This opens up the possibility to assess and support organs in our body by identifying its frequency and sending proper electromagnetic impulses to it.


The treatment of Bioresonance has three principles at its core:

  1. Use of the patient's own electromagnetic waves.

  2. Separation of patient’s physiological (healthy) waves and pathological (illness) waves.

  3. Inversion of pathological waves and the intensification/regeneration of the physiological waves.


Non Linear Systems Analysis (NLS) is a assessment method that combines physics, mathematics, information technologies, and physiology that allows us to possibly identify even the smallest fluctuations of electromagnetic fields in the biological structures of a living organism. 


NLS Assessment enables us to:

  1. Obtain a picture of the functional state of the organism through topical analysis

  2. Check the possible support and potential risks of implementing various therapy methods, inclusive of the organisms adaptive abilities

  3. Analyze the dynamics of change in the functional state of the body during bioresonance therapy

  4. Possible identify the very beginning of the functional [energetic] disturbance

  5. Assess the nature of the stresses on the system

The Results of an assessment using the Sensitiv IMAGO:

  • Assessment on all selected organs and systems of the organism

  • List of the possible energetic stresses on the system --- the initial changes/stresses are possible being detected that are possible present at the cellular level and have no expressed functional disorder or not a current complaint.

  • List of the possible energetic stressful agents in the organ and systems (i.e. viruses, parasites, bacteria, protozoa, toxins, etc)

  • List of possible allergens that could be stressful to overall health.

  • Ability to individualize and select treatments/supplements that can possibly support therapy going forward.

  • Real-time Energetic treatment of the stresses found using Frequency Compensation/MORA and Bioresonance therapy.

A little more about the Scan from the Patients perspective:

The patient has special headphones on that sends information back and forth from the brain to the device; hand held electrodes are held during the scanning; the quantum-optic modulator (QOM) is aimed at the patient. The patient then observes the whole scanning process from beginning to end from the computer monitor. They will see the visualization of graphical representations of anatomical organs on the monitor, clearly demarcated by geometric coloured tracers, which relate to the characteristic of the tissues/organs based on Dr. Reckeweg’s Homotoxicology Disease Evolution Table (ask Dr. Nick ND, as he has one on the wall in his office!). The device utilizes this 6-point pattern to characterize the state of organs/tissues in the patient.


This possibly helps us understand our dynamic energetic bodies from a scientific quantum point of view.


If you want to learn more about this device, please feel free to ask us more about it at your next visit!  



The day before your Assessment with the Sensitiv Imago, please abstain from eating heavy greasy foods, alcohol, and excessive coffee/caffeine. Please have your last meal/snacks, 2 hours before your scan will be done; also avoid sugary drinks/caffeine within this 2-hour window; while, water is fine to have and encouraged.  Also, please have all metal jewelry (piercings, necklaces, rings, etc) removed before your appointment as they can interfere with the assessment.


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