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Our definition of Integrative Biological Naturopathic Medicine (IBNM) might be a little different from the traditional European Biological Medicine meaning. Through Dr. Baboulas’ ND learning of this system and many other concepts over the years, he has incorporated many other ideas into this system, while keeping the principles, which he has built upon and has expanded in order to better support patients. 

Following the understanding of Dr. Reckeweg’s work on the pathological states of  patients, as he laid it out on his famous Guide, called the DISEASE EVOLUTION TABLE (DET), we see that in a well defined pathological condition a disease is often seen as a static phenomenon; however, in reality diseases are dynamic, changing, evolving, and exhibiting different stages over time! Looking at disease from this perspective allows for a clearer understanding of how deep a pathology may lie in the individual, which when understood from that perspective allows for a better understanding of what types of interventions may be needed in order for a shift in health to occur.  

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Simply, we see IBNM as a system of many modalities that relies on understanding the individual and not the disease name, but the disease state. That is why Biological  Naturopathic Medicine is a BIOregulator Medicine, it is a BIO physical Information Medicine (BIT), it has to do with root cause understanding and recreating a balance through regulation of the dys-regulated systems in the body. This means supporting the organs of elimination; regulation / modulation / retraining of the immune system; regulation / modulation of the autonomic nervous system (ANS). It is about finding and removing the blockages (interference fields) that are stressing the system in order to allow the proper toning and tuning up of the different organ systems in the body. Once the stresses on the system start to be released the body will have the inherent ability to do its job of healing itself. 

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IBNM is a field that integrates:


Naturopathic Medicine

Modern Western Medical Science 
Traditional European and Herbal Medicine
Homotoxicology and Classical Homeopathy
Isopathic Medicine 
Interference Field Therapy
Regenerative (Anti-aging) Medicine
Terrain/ Milieu based Medicine
Bio-energetic Medicine
Biophysical Information Therapy (BIT)
Aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
Clinical Nutrition 
Injectable Therapies
And many more things! 


Increase overall vitality in the patient by removing blockages/stresses on the body (interference fields) 

Optimize gastrointestinal function and the microbiological terrain 

Optimize the health of the ECM

Optimize the function and detoxification ability of the organs of elimination

Support the integrity of endothelium; decrease hypercoagulability; increase microcirculation and venous/lymphatic drainage. 

Regulation of the immune and nervous systems in order to support the proper inflammatory response (stop unregulated systemic inflammation); also support the neuroimmune, neuroendocrine (hormones) – neuroimmunoendocrine, and neurovascular control mechanisms. 

Support the chronic polymicrobial infections stressing the system (parasite, fungus/candida, bacteria, cell wall deficient bacteria, viruses, retroviruses, etc). 

Restore Mitochondrial / Metabolic Function to cells, tissues, and organs

Restore Proper Cellular Communication / Transportation and Energy Production


Restore the balance in the spleen/bone marrow activity 

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